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About Beyond Coaching

Beyond Coaching, LLC is a small coaching business created for women by women. We are a full service coaching business with the goal of helping our clients create a plan on how to unlearn the toxic habits, patterns and behaviors that impact their personal and professional development and growth. Our services include: Affordable coaching plans, online workshops, courses and advice on navigating your personal and professional development and growth.

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At Beyond Coaching, we focus on the inner work of our clients. We are passionate about helping our clients manifest success from within. We are not in the business of putting a pretty bandage on an ugly wound; but rather doing the inner work to truly experience a fulfilled life.  Regardless of what stage our clients are in, our focus is to assist them to seek inner peace and wholeness.  We aspire to inspire joy and inner peace as we build and nurture lifelong relationships

personally and professionally. 


Our vision is to create a safe community and space that provides our clients hope, inspiration and transformation. Beyond Coaching empower and equip their clients to be the best version of themselves; and have healthy relationships in their personal life and professional careers.  We take a holistic “detox” approach by making peace with their past, maximizing their present and unlearn the toxic and emotional behaviors in order to live a fulfilled and

happy life.  

Our Founding Story

Hello Overcomer!

I’m Joann (a.k.a J. Inspires) and I wear multiple hats. I’m a People Developer, Passionate Influencer, and a natural-born encourager by profession.  I spent over 15 years as an HR Practitioner in Corporate America and was reminded often that I lead with empathy and compassion.  Working closely with Senior Executives, Managers, and Staff members in various industries, I found fulfillment in coaching, training, developing, and helping people in leadership roles.  Now, I use the same teachings and principles that I learned to train and develop people (to be the best version of themselves) in life, career, and relationships both personally and professionally. I also love to encourage and see people WIN. It feels really good when you can be a part of a client’s growth. 

During my career, I realized that transformational leadership requires humility, mental and emotional inner fortitude, and tenacity (when considering friendships, romantic relationships, and even networking professionally). As I worked closely with women in leadership positions, oftentimes demonstrated an impeccable well-polished profile resume and presence in their professional career. On the other hand, they lacked organization, support, and guidance on the signs of toxic habits, patterns, and behavior showing up in their personal lives, career and relationships. I immediately saw a dire need to bridge the gap for better self-care and self-love both personally and professionally. 

Building relationships with others and connecting with people require a heightened level of empathy and compassion. I realized that my passion, greatest strength, and superpower are to encourage, empower and inspire women in leadership to align and reach their higher level self and greatest potential both personally and professionally. 

Beyond Coaching empowers women to recognize the brokenness and unlearn the habits and behaviors of toxic patterns in their relationships both personally and professionally. Like a catalyst, I have a unique way of connecting and building relationships with people who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximizing their present, and helping them continue to evolve by deepening their faith in God. 

Beyond Coaching commenced because too many women suffer in silence, lose their identity and self-worth due to unresolved hurt and pain, and toxic relationships. Being that voice of reasoning, a listening ear, and a supportive Life Coach in times of confusion, loneliness, hurt, and pain is needed especially in these unprecedented times. Today, I help women claim their Power, Voice, and Story.  


With Gratitude,


Coach J

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